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May 13, 2015

Subservient Chicken 2.0?

This spring, the team at Wieden & Kennedy put on a three-day show using the live gaming platform Twitch. Viewers interacted with “Nature Man,” a character “contractually obligated to do everything you, and millions of other Internet users, tell him to do.”

The use of a social media platform to promote a brand is not new. However, the newer the platform, the trickier it is to navigate. The goal isn’t just to drive an audience to your page, but get them engaging with it.

Doing something live on a new platform can create magic or fail miserably. Either way, it will get people talking. “Nature Man” kicked fresh-smelling ass. It averaged 88,000 unique visits an hour for a grand total of 2.65 million views. That was enough to keep it on Twitch’s front page all three days. There were 1.4 million chatters participating on Twitch, not to mention the several Reddit posts and request for an Old Spice AMA. Old Spice continues to be open to and push for new entertaining ways to reach their audience – a perfect example of how different can extend into technology and, together with creativity, can make a baby.