April 6, 2015

Differenter is profitabler

What good is being the best if no one cares? People usually buy a product or identify with a brand for one of two reasons.

1. Emotionally, they identify with the brand on some level.
2. Price.


Who buys the best car? What is the best car? Who buys the best TV? Again, what makes a TV the best? I often tell our clients that our job is to find what your customer’s identify with in your product and then create a connection.


Finding your brand’s voice is often a scary thing for marketers. It requires committing. Saying to a large chunk of the world. Hey, we’re not for you. We’re for these people over there.


Every great brand knows who they are. Not just in their ads, but how their people answer the phone or welcome guests down to the fonts they choose. A brand is not a static entity. It’s constantly evolving. A brand’s values should stay true, but all great brands have one thing in common. From top to bottom, everyone in the organization understands what makes that brands… wait for it… DIFFERENT.


Great example: Vitamin Water.
They found a way to launch a product in a ridiculously crowded market. They did an amazing job because they didn’t try to be Gatorade or Powerade or one of 900 sport drinks for that matter. Instead, they chose to be something DIFFERENT. Be something young and hip and as much about life being sport than sport being life.


That’s how you go from a quirky new product to being sold for $4.2 billion to Coca-Cola. Yep, in 2007 Vitamin Water sold for about 60% of what Chrysler Group sold for that same year. Proof that Differenter is Betterer.