April 2, 2015

Cancer sucks. Ignoring it kills

It’s awesome to see powerful work that saves lives. Abbot Mead Vickers BBDO in London’s work for Cancer Research in the UK is an example of combining PR and advertising to ramp up interest and cut through the crap.

As an agency that has spent its fair share of time helping brands like Cancer Treatment Centers of America and Susan G. Komen, the breensmith crew would like to give a resounding golf clap to the folks who came up with their “Don’t Ignore the Lump” campaign. There are so many causes and so many PSAs that the public is often numb to their messages. Creating lumps in high traffic areas of London streets and then filming as people ignore them really hits home. The technique of filming folks’ reactions, or lack thereof, is nothing new. However, the ability of the content to be captured and shared digitally is where the true power lies. It’s an old message shown in a completely new way.

Differenter is Betterer for a cause. Kudos.